Read this First.

Before you read the diary, a few caveats are in order.

First, image quality. What you’ll see is a scan of a photocopy that’s several generations removed from an original transcription of what appears to have been a handwritten manuscript. There are lots of transcription errors. In several places, you’ll see an “a” where it should have been an “o” (as in “Jae” for “Joe”). Use your own judgment.

Second, what you see here is all I have. Several pages run off the bottom of the page so that a line is partially (or totally) missing. I’m sorry. I wish I had those lines, too. If you have a better copy, I’d love to see it.

Finally, this is a window into history, not a study in political correctness. Remember that this manuscript is a view of life in the 1860s through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl. Her 19th Century language does not measure up to 21st Century standards for political correctness. However, it does open a rare window into life in the 1860s.

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